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West Kingsdown Church of England Primary School

West Kingsdown Church of England Primary School


A Creative Curriculum allows teachers as professionals to ‘let go’ of individual subjects facilitating cross curricular themes to be embedded in the classroom. Children talk of their topic not individual subjects. At West Kingsdown CE Primary School, in both Key stages and Early Years, children are taught in terms of a topic or theme. Alongside a varied, engaging array of topics we have exciting termly themed days where children are given chance to work in mixed aged groups. 

Through a Creative Curriculum, we as a school are endeavouring to foster in children a range of transferable skills which they can apply to all learning. It is our intention to nurture our children as lifelong lovers of learning. Our Christian values of Trust, Love, Courage and Respect run like a thread through all aspects of teaching and learning .We also uphold and promote the British values of democracy, liberty, tolerance and respect.

A Creative Curriculum is about:
• connecting: seeing relationships and combining in new ways
• risking: having the self-confidence and freedom to fail and keep trying
• envisaging: being original and imaginative about what might be
• analysing: asking critical and challenging questions
• thinking: taking time for reflection
• interacting: sharing ideas and collaborating
• varying: testing options and trying in different ways
• elaborating: exploring and fiddling and doing the unnecessary to perfect

Our Creative Curriculum promotes higher order thinking skills and endeavours to challenge the children through questions.

In Key Stage 1, we use the Read, Write, Ink scheme for Phonics and to teach reading. Key Stage 1 are taught through play and continuous provision. Children are set learning challenges throughout the week, linked to a topic that allows the children to work independently on tasks that they are interested in and skilled adults move their learning on. 

For more information about the curriculum at West Kingsdown, please contact the School Office.